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Android Workshop Day 3 Slides

On the 3rd day of the workshop, we have covered Google-Firebase overall. We have seen that Problems with developing server side for the apps. What is Firebase & Why it exists Firebase Push Notifications Firebase Analytics Real-time Database Remote Config App Indexing Following are the slides for Day 3: Introduction to Firebase [Google I/O Extended Bangkok […]

Android Apps Development workshop at TechHubConnect Day 2 Slides

TechHubConnect is a free co-working space by the Punjab, Pakistan Government who invited me to conduct Android Apps Development one week long workshop as the co-working space member along with another company. In this workshop, I will be covering topics related to Facebook-Android-SDK Login with Facebook Introduction to Firebase Firebase-Android-SDK Firebase Authentication Saving and retrieving data […]

Android: Best way to pass data between activities

In Android often we need to pass data from one activity or fragment to another activity or fragment (master-detail view). In this article, I am going to talk about best way and practices to do that. Organize the Keys While passing the data with Bundle we need to specify the key for the value that we […]