CricCentral 2 App Released on Google Play

Hey, Guys!

Thank you for being with us to enjoy PSL 2016 and IPL 2017.

Unfortunately, our app is removed from Google Play store due to copyright issues that were caused by embedding live stream.

We are as much excited about cricket as you are and we want to bring all the buzz about it to you in completely different way. There were a number of unique features on which we were working day and night but the suspension from Google Play happened.

However, it cannot stop us from our mission to infotain crickets fans.

So we have made CricCentral 2 app on google play store. It will show you live streaming of matches that are legally available to be streamed. And of course, you can keep CricCentral 1 on your phone to watch the live stream.

Following are the features on which we are working on to include in CricCentral 2:

  1. Social Network:
    • We are working on the unique social network for Cricket watchers and players.
  2. Follow Matches:
    • You will be able to follow matches to get push notifications for the match after the event that you will specify. For example when a wicket is taken from your favorite bowler or six by a batsman. There are much more interesting and exciting scenarios.
  3. Upcoming & Past series information.
  4. Live Chat
  5. Match Scorecards
  6. Teams and Player Profiles with latest pictures
  7. Latest and greatest Cricket News!

& Much much more!

So, from now on we are stopping the further development of CricCentral 1 and continue adding new features in CricCentral 2. I suggest you keep both CricCentral 1 and 2 on your phone because you will be able to watch all live streams in CricCentral 1 and public streams in CricCentral 2. 

We hope that you will stay with us in the difficult situation.

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